The return of "Tanz der Vampire"!

By popular demand!

They are back! 22 August - 2 October 2016 the legendary musical "Dance of Vampires" ("Tanz der Vampire") again on the stage of the St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy. Since the first show in the Viennese theater "Raimund", held in 1997, and to this day, "Tanz der Vampire" triumphal procession through the best scenes of Europe. For almost twenty years, Roman Polanski musical seen by millions of viewers in Austria, Germany, USA, Japan, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Estonia, France and Finland. The premiere of "Tanz der Vampire" on the stage of the St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy was held September 3, 2011. His appearance on the theatrical map Russian musical theater is obliged to General Director Yuri Schwarzkopf, who took an unprecedented step. Acting as a producer of the project, it concluded a contract with the VBW corporation the right to show "Vampire" in St. Petersburg. Large-scale project cost 1.5 million euros realized on the means of fully refined theater, paid off in a very short time and was a real hit viewers ensuing three seasons. Performance sensation gathered a huge army of fans across the country and abroad. For the first time in a long time not to Moscow and St. Petersburg were driving thousands of fans. The performance brought the theater three "Golden Mask", "Golden Sofit" Award "Musical Heart of Theatre" Award Government of St. Petersburg in the field of literature, art and architecture in 2011 and entered the musical comedy history as completely successful commercial project. Altogether during the rental has been played more than 280 performances, which were able to see 220 thousand spectators. Unique, striking stunning scenery, exquisite costumes of one of Europe finest theater artists - Kentaur (Hungary) and the captivating music of Jim Steinman production gathered dozens of fan clubs all over the country - only the registered number of fans in one of the most popular website is now more than 14 thousand people. "Tanz der Vampire" - the biggest project in the history of the Theatre of Musical Comedy. Suffice it to say, that are involved in the production of 200 people (including all services of the theater). On stage there is 270 original costumes. During the play takes place 90 stage permutations. And for the first three seasons of the play 17 liters of blood was "drunk"! July 31, 2014 Theatre musical comedy played the final performance of "Tanz der Vampire" in Russia. But the story did not end there. By popular demand the performance is back! An international team of directors, headed by the director Cornelius Baltus (the Netherlands) in the course of new casting to determine the future composition of the performers. And very soon the stage musical comedy along with their favorite artists who have become real stars of the genre thanks to the participation in the "Ball of vampires», - Ivan Ozhogin, Alexander Sukhanov, Rostislav Kolpakov, Elena Gazaeva, Natalia Dievskaya, Kirill Gordeev - will join the new blood to the familiar constant theater audience and quite new vocalists For the remote control are still permanent conductor and musical director of the most high-profile projects in the genre of musical theater Alexei Nefedov. Let yourself be in the magic of vampires! Do not miss this Dance!